CAD outsource provide CAD drafting services to the AEC providing a comprehensive package to suit all needs.

CAD Drafting Services

The current economic gloom means your project margins are tighter than ever before. With CAD drafting becoming more and more expensive, this has created a need for affordable outsourced CAD drafting services.

Based in the Southwest of England, CAD Outsource offers that professional and specialist CAD drafting service. We are sure you will find the services you require, at the price you expect. We work with you to help reduce costs by providing a quick and cost effective outsourced CAD drafting service.

By sending your drawings to us, we can improve your productivity and response times, to allow you to concentrate on the engineering and design at the heart of your business.

  • Improve your productivity

  • Improve response times

  • Fast, Accurate drafting

  • Save on Training

  • Save on infrastructure

  • Access to Expert draughtsman

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2D CAD Drafting

2D CAD Drafting Services

Our 2D CAD drafting services will provide you with 2D AutoCAD Drawings. These are created from your mark ups or sketches. We adhere to your company standards, and use your title blocks. If you don’t have any formal CAD standards then don’t worry – our professional draughtsman will use the CAD Outsource standards.

All we need from you is a scan or paper copy of your drawing mark up or sketch, any third party drawings, and your companies CAD standards including title blocks.

2D & 3D Coordination

Building Services Coordination CAD Drafting

The key to good CAD Coordination is the understanding of building services. Coming from a design background, our experience in building services design means we understand what can be done, and what should be done. With our experience and knowledge of common standards, and best practices we aim to produce the highest quality plans and sections.

Our experienced staff can produce accurate, detailed Building Services drawings. We can provide you with coordinated MEP CAD drawings in either 2D or 3D using either AutoCAD or Revit MEP.

CAD Management

CAD Management from CAD Outsource

Effective CAD Management can help you to make significant savings in your drafting costs. By delivering new technologies, processes and standards you can make significant short and long term gains in productivity.

From installation and deployment of CAD tools, and Software to the day-to-day management and support of AutoCAD software, we will guide you through the processes to make your CAD department run more smoothly, efficiently and effectively.


Paper to CAD Conversion

CAD Drafting converting Paper drawings into CAD drawings

Convert your old paper drawings into readable, accurate AutoCAD drawings. By digitising your drawings you will be saving space, money and time.

We take pride and care to ensure your paper to cad conversion is as accurate as possible. Many other CAD Drafting services digitise using vectorisation software, this leads to inaccurate and unusable drawings. We hand trace the drawings using the latest AutoCAD software, making for an exact copy of the drawing. All drawings are fully functioning CAD drawings meaning you can re-use, edit, and print time after time.


File to cad conversions

CAD Drafting and converting – convert your files into CAD drawings,

Our file to cad drafting and conversion service can convert most common file types into standard AutoCAD format. In order to offer the most flexibility we offer 3 different levels of accuracy in our file conversions. Depending upon your project costs, time frame and accuracy level required we offer the following:

Low detail – Using specialist software we reproduce your files into readable drawings
Medium detail – A hybrid conversion utilising the low detail software and manually traced elements.
High detail – Manually traced drawings providing accurate, standard, clean drawings.

CAD & BIM Consultantcy

CAD consultants can make savings within your businessCAD software and training is a significant investment to any design business. Protect this investment with our CAD Consultancy services. Our experienced CAD consultant will assess your processes, suggest improvements and implement cost savings through the business.

By implementing effective CAD processes you can reduce your costs and improve consistency within your organisation. Our CAD Consultancy service can identify areas for improvement and guide you through to implementation.


BIM Drafting doesn’t need to be expensiveDesigning a building using a building information model can lead to substantial cost savings. The life cycle of the building can reduce costs right from design and construction through to maintenance.

Building Information Modeling or BIM is becoming more and more necessary within the UK. Your clients will soon be expecting your project deliveries to include BIM. With the uptake of this new technology more and more projects are being built using BIM. Whether you require additional BIM support, or are just starting out with BIM, our dedicated team can assist on your BIM projects. It can be very daunting starting out with BIM, by outsourcing you can take full advantage of this new technology without the expense of training your staff.

Revit Families

Revit Family creation servicesRevit Families are the building blocks of BIM Models. These can be expensive if you produce them in house. CAD Outsource can alleviate your content creation saving you time & money.

For designers Revit Families can help to reduce the costs of your BIM models, saving time by including intelligent parameters, meaning you can improve your overall efficiency within Revit. For manufacturers, providing a catologue of your products as Revit families. Which can aid you in being specified on projects from an early stage by your clients. CAD Outsource can provide designers with off the shelf Revit families or custom families. For maufacturers we can provide your entire range for download from your website.


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