CAD Outsource - CAD Consultants for the AEC Industry

CAD Outsource was set up to supply high quality low cost outsourcing solutions within the UK. The company is based in Wiltshire in the south west of England and was formed in late 2008 by Tim Burrows.CAD Outsource - Outsourcing Solutions
CAD Outsource has been a highly prized asset to some of the country’s top building services consultants. Delivering high quality AutoCAD Service to clients in times of work overload.
  • We have served as a subcontracted drawing office for small contractors. Providing a fundamental low cost solution to their drawing production. Saving both time and money.
  • CAD Outsource has supplied drawing services to inventors looking to produce sketches for patent submission.
Although a small company, the owner has over 8years of professional experience. Working in the building services industry as a CAD Manager and Electrical Design Engineer. We are now looking to expanding the business to provide ready made off the shelf AutoCAD Blocks. Our Blog has been created to provide high quality, useful and free advice for AutoCAD users. We are also looking at introducing web based Tutorials which we hope you will enjoy.

Mission Statement:

CAD Outsource will lead the way in providing high quality, low cost, standardized AutoCAD Drafting Service solutions for the engineering industry.

Profile on Tim Burrows

Tim Burrows

Company Owner

I try to have a considerate, warm approach to allow inventors, small scale consultants and contractors to use our AutoCAD services

Tim Burrows has over 8 years experience within the Computer Aided Design and Building Services industry. Within this time he has worked for several large multi-national consultants. He has been involved in large scale multi-million pound projects including:
  • Arsenals Emirates Stadium
  • Prince Charles’s Hospital in Wales
  • Several schools in Newcastle
  • Enabling works for London Paddington
His role within the industry has covered a wide range of activities  including CAD Management, Document Control and Electrical Design Engineering.  Tim's experience has enabled him to develop a robust working method that is trusted by his clients. "I started CAD Outsource originally as a supplement to my income. I have worked for large and small consultancies. I try to have a considerate, warm approach to allow inventors, small scale consultants and contractors to use our AutoCAD services." My aim is to take the company forward to allow CAD Outsource to become my single source of income. I want to provide the industry with a low cost, high quality drafting solutions. Tim also runs a successful blog. He hopes to integrate this into the CAD Outsource website to allow clients, and prospective Clients, along with AutoCAD Community to share in his knowledge with tutorials and online lessons.